Class Information

A chance for parents to engage in active play with their toddlers. We aim to provide a safe gymnastics environment where toddlers can learn the basics of movement, balance and co-ordination.
The toddlers have the opportunity to jump in the foam pit, navigate obstacle courses, walk along the beams, swing on the bars and jump from various heights onto safety landing mats. The main focus of this class is self discovery in a fun and safe environment – soft play equipment is widely used to achieve this. The class finishes with a little singing section to children’s favourite action nursery rhymes.

Parent and Toddler classes are ideal for children from the age they start crawling up to the age they start school. These classes act as an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your children whilst developing their social, physical and emotional skills.

Booking is essential for these classes. 

Class Schedule

Term Times
Tuesday 9.30am 10.30am
Thursday 9.30am 10.30am
Friday 9.30am 10.30am
School Holiday
Tuesday 9.30am 10.30am